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Tandoori Tadka contains the core of regal Indian flavors

At Tandoori Tadka, we are ecstatic to provide you with the greatest of both worlds: traditional Indian cuisine and deliciously tantalizing Indian sweets! Since we are dedicated to traditional Indian cuisine, we use only the most fragrant and flavorful Indian spices in our dishes to make your tastebuds dance with excitement!

Not all Indian food has to be flamingly hot therefore, we provide a wide variety of meals with varying degrees of chilli and spice in them. In accordance with your preferred chilli level, we can modify any meal to your liking! On the other hand, our savory Indian recipes with a tincture of turmeric aroma contains the very soul and heart of Indian culture.

All the Indian food that we serve here is prepared with respect to the regal traditions and royal culture of Indian ethnicity. In reality, the imperial cuisines at Tandoori Tadka contain a majestic blend of contemporary flavors with a traditional touch of Indian identity!

Non Veg Tiffin Service Near Me

Our menu includes a variety of tasty meals and snacks for vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian customers therefore, there’s something for everyone here. Since we place such tremendous emphasis on classical Indian flavors, our dishes feature the most appetizing desi Curries, a variety of spicy rice dishes, Punjabi style Goat curry and other butter Chicken dishes! So, If you're looking for a place to eat a wide variety of ethnic flavors, in a warm, welcoming ambiance, look no further than Tandoori Tadka!

Embrace your happy moments with us!

For all your life’s special occasions, impress your loved ones with our pleasing hospitality and elevated catering services. We can conveniently be of service in case you have any catering needs for any of your happy occasion including birthdays, weddings and so on!

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