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Welcome to Tandoori Tadka, your host to a mouth-watering Indian Culinary journey. From the mysterious Indian Sub-Continent comes Tandoori Tadka, to tease your culinary buds and acquaint you to an entirely new dimension of aromatic and diverse range of traditional food wonders.

Indian Cuisine does not have to be hot. All dishes are freshly made to your taste and can be ordered "Mild", Medium" or "Hot". In fact most herbs and spices like turmeric, cloves, etc. have proven medicinal properties.

Tandoori Tadka embodies the spirit and essence of India, located in the heart of Abbotsford. Tandoori Tadka’s cuisine is a mix of modern style with traditional roots. Our menu includes an array of vegetarian, lamb, chicken and seafood dishes; fragrant curries, biriyanis; spicy tandoori and masala dishes, all served with traditional breads, rice dishes and side dishes of freshly prepared chutneys, pickles or vegetables. All the dishes are prepared to order from fresh Lamb, Chicken, Seafood or Vegetables.

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We also do catering for the parties.If you have any queries or suggestions regarding our food, please feel free to contact us.